Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amateur Extra

Well, I had a somewhat arbitrary goal of getting my Extra license before the current exam expired. Since I've not cracked a book in months, I'll miss that target. Too much three year old and too much running to have time for studying... maybe this winter.

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  1. You may not need to crack any books open to prep for the upgrade ticket... I grabbed one of the free apps from the play store (if you have an android) and started looking at it every opportunity I had: On the train ride to and fro, 5 minutes just before bedtime, 5 minutes before the usual wake time, you get the picture. In about three weeks I saw every question in the pool and was able to answer enough of them correctly after another three weeks. Within 7 days of the exam I took some tests on the PC; I passed eight of ten practice sittings. Bottom line for me, from zero to pass it took six weeks. Of course YMMV, but isn't it worth a try?