Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chinese Radio Mega List by Nate - Part I - Mobiles

Nate scours the internet for radio news and frequently posts in the comments here, sent me a super e-mail with a lot of research on some radios that I've not seen or mentioned in detail on the blog. Enjoy his work. (Most of this is from his e-mail, but I've edited it so assume any errors are mine.) Part II will contain information about several HTs.

Baojie BJ-UV55

Dual Band mobile: BAOJIE BJ-UV55 sells on AliExpress for $219. According to specs, it should be VHF 45W/UHF 35W - not bad. Same price at


And like the Baofeng/Waccom/Ronson, it has another name: HYS TC-VU55. It sells for $244 here. Some close up pics here including the one below. According to this, some folks ordered and got it too.


Now that was old news (March 2012), now there is an upgrade, the HYS TC-VU66, with a channel knob instead of the up/down keys:

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