Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hawaii Radio Sales

Hawaii Radio Sales (NH7QH Radio Supplies) has updated their website with a lot of new items including the Baofeng UV-5R and the Baofeng UV-3R+ Plus. He's now carrying the UV-5R since it got the nod from the FCC.


  1. Brick, I want to give a heads up to those considering buying a UV-5R from this dealer - the radio is delivered with the FCC sticker affixed not on the unit but on the box. Now I'm not a lawyer but I'm not sure whether this complies with FCC rules.

    Go to the yahoo group pics and the unit appears as the one with "No FCC sticker".

    Why is this a big deal? Organizations wishing to use this for FCC Part 90 purposes expect a FCC cert label, not easily removed, on every unit. This would be like driving a car with current registration but no plates on the vehicle.

    Sure I can carefully remove the sticker and affix it on the radio but that would obscure the serial number. Besides, it's not what I expected, intentionally paying extra buying from a USA dealer...

    1. I asked Chris about your concern. He's looking into the issue and has e-mailed the people who bought those radios to see if they want him to do anything - refunds, credits.


    2. I'm slow in updating, but Chris sent me another message a few days ago saying that he has the correct stickers and they are in the mail. People/companies mess up - I think seeing how they recover is the true measure of how good they are.