Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TYT TH-UVF9: Kight Radio Update and Service

Also from the 03 JUN 2012 update from Kight Radio (his update, but my links):
"The TH-UVF9 is almost ready. It is not full of bugs, there was one little problem that has been solved and that had to do with the Ch Display / Freq Display. If you order one from Hong Kong, you may get the first production run which has that bug. When you order you want to be sure you get the latest production run. One thing Kight Radio will do, if you buy one that has a factory bug, when the new version comes out, we will exchange the radio for you at no charge. We have already done this with a couple customers for the TH-UV3R."
Exchanging an early model radio for a new version is a fantastic service. It takes all the risk out of being an early adopter.

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