Sunday, July 15, 2012

Extending Frequencies & Warranty Support

"Is unlock software really needed for the 6D? I know the models I sell are factory set for various ranges and sold at varying prices. Unlock software is not available for the 6D radio and I hope it stays that way. When Jim started working on Commander for the 6D, I personally asked him to leave out the unlock feature. I often get "warranty" request only to find bricked radios with RX & TX set for foolish ranges like 0-999 MHz for both VHF and UHF. China gives practically NO warranty support, so all this comes out of the pocket of the dealers. I hope unlock software for the 6D never makes it to the public because it's been a pain in the rear for the other models.
Ed Griffin
I understand his point, but I would think he should just have a policy that trying to extend the usable frequencies voids the warranty. It might make some people mad, but those are the people he probably doesn't really want as a customer anyway.

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