Friday, July 27, 2012

Puxing PX-888K

Steve and JLWilkers mentioned the Puxing PX-888K in the comments (here, here) a couple of weeks ago, but Hans (PD0AC) is about to get his hands on one. Quoting Hans, there are a few features that make this note worthy:
  • 5 tone selective call (ZVEI,EIA,CCIR). These tones are often used in professional environments, which makes this radio compatible with commonly used professional hand-helds.
  • Scrambler, 8 groups. Although banned by law for for use by Ham radio operators, this can be a lot of fun and adds a basic level of privacy. The word ‘groups’ is presumably another word for the various frequencies which are commonly used used in voice inversion systems.
The 409Shop has them for $80. Don't forget: you may want to pick up the PX-888K in bulk to get a free jacket or polo shirt!

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