Monday, July 9, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Problems and Delays

From Kight Radio:
"Wouxun has released limited quantities of their new Dual Band mobile to dealers. All dealers are limited to 10 units at this time because the mobile is not if full production yet. They did release some of the dual band mobile to the Chinese market to test and and Chinese wholesalers reported problems with them and they were returned to Wouxun and were told it would be abother 30 days before the problem is fixed ( this was on 6/2 ) The new radios will not have 2.5 steps and they will not be FCC certified. The sample dealers are being shipped by Wouxun on July 9th so it will be July 13 or 14 before they show up at the dealers. I would watch ebay close, I am sure one will be found there within a few days"
As predicted they are showing up on eBay as David and someone on the Yahoo Group noticed, but the listing has already been pulled.

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