Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Radios? Yaesu FT-898A and Icom ID-51

KD8BIG's got a picture, but no info yet on the Yaesu FT-898A. This site says it is a hoax and in their version of the picture, you can see the misspelled "reciever."

G4ILO has some information and a picture of Icom's new HT, the ID-51. Julian says "However it is nice to see a manufacturer breaking the mould for HT user interfaces which have changed little for the last 20 years."  I've not been a ham for anywhere near 20 years, but coming from the IT world, it does appear they are starting to adopt other technologies to extend the capabilities of new radios. USB connections and SD cards - oh my!

Also at RigPix, a close-up of the ID-51.

I guess I am going to have to start checking out the RigPix site on a more regular basis.


  1. I agree that it's great to see the manufacturers using "modern" user iterfaces. The new Icom HF radio has a touch screen !

  2. Speaking of RigPix - A site I know (and like) for many years:

    They have some nice pics that are fairly recent of radios that we have been talking about:
    HYS TC-UV66
    And even the Quad Bander TYT TH-9800 (Similar to the Yaesu FT-8900)

    Note: At the RigPix homepage these are under News Press Releases for August 2012,
    We've been talking about the TH-UVF9 since the end of May, and published: Chinese Radio Mega List by Nate on June 6th, 2012 (Spec review July 26th).
    I guess we won the contest of being on top of the bleeding edge in new Chinese radios.


    TYT TH-UVF9:
    HTS TC-UV55 & HYS TC-UV66

  3. Thank for your blog.
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