Thursday, October 25, 2012

KG-UV920R: says they will have a new version of the KG-UV920R on (or around) Monday, Oct 29. (The link says 26th, but text on the page says 29th.) This version will have 2.5K steps. I wonder if there will be other improvements. And, oh, they are pricing it at $289 USD.


  1. Will this version be better?
    It seems that the AnyTone AT-588UV is not so good... See:

  2. I just posted about his findings... two of the sellers say that the AT-588UV is really good. Maybe the newer versions are better. As for the UV920R, it is hard to say. Dale said this about Wouxun while he was in China:

    "WOUXUN - We visited their booth and it was very strange, the display area was not as polished as before and the girls at the booth seemed un-polished and didnt seem to know too much. We expected to meet with the owner but he was not there when we were there."

    Have they given up?