Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baojie BJ-UV55: Mini-Review

A little bit lost in the Anytone and Wouxun mobile drama is the Baojie BJ-UV55. Nate had done a write-up about it in July. Dale commented on the post that he has one and really likes it so far:
"I recently purchased a Baojie BJ-UV55 and have been using it in my car. So far I must say I am really impressed. I was initially concerned with the lack of an internal speaker, and the use of a speaker mic so I had an external speaker ready. After trying this little radio out I put the external speaker away as the audio quality of the speaker mic, was far superior to the external. I used the cable and software method of programming the radio and found it to be quite easy compared to most of the radios I have programmed. I have also had the opportunity to program and use a BJ-271 (VHF) and have found it to be a great radio too. It is only recently that I have strayed from american and Japanese radios to try out some of these very reasonably priced radios from China. So far, I am starting to think these are the radios for me. Brand names are not important to me, and I think the value for the dollar is definitely here with these Chinese radios. I will update later once I have worked the BJ-UV55 more. 
I hope we get to see more about this radio. You can order one from the 409Shop for $223 (USD). If you are in the US, order from Kight Radio for a few dollars less ($214.95. USD).

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