Thursday, November 29, 2012

Emergency Power

Some interesting emergency power options from Portable Universal Power for the ham on the go. I need a yellow or red ReVolt to match my radios. Check on the pictures on that page of the ReVolt in the Molle pouch and charging the iPad.

Via SaysUncle

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  1. Brick,

    My name is Bill Harrison. I am the inventor of the JuiceBox and the ReVolt, and the founder of Hardened Power Systems. I am happy to answer questions and am always eager to hear ideas. Thanks for the mention!

    ...and I agree, you do need a ReVolt! We recently shot a short video showing how tough it is. Basically we drove over it with a truck and then dunked it in water and then used it to run a fan.

    The video is here:

    Thanks again!