Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Two posts today about Google Chromebooks... more momentum for the cloud.

Mike really likes his and Martin is trying one, too.


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    1. I was really thinking about an iPad, but since work provided an iPhone 5, I've not felt like I need to spend the money on anything else. I've got my 15" classic laptop and the iPhone. I bought that Nook a while back, but find I don't use it very much. I got a Kindle, too, but I only use it in spurts.


  2. I totally understand using stuff in spurts. I have a Samasung Galaxy Tab 2 a few laptops and a few dekstops and to be honest being limited to the cloud actually makes me appreciate computers a lot more. I have more gadgets than i know what to do with and i just use the chromebook now.I come from the commodore 64 days of computers and logging into BBS systems. Im all for these chromebooks If you get a time check one out i think you will like it a lot. My next buy is going to be a raspberry pi.