Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KYD NC-UV90A: Dual Band Mobile

Oh boy. Another one... KYD (Kydera) NC-UV90A. I am guessing Hans pulled his information from some of the Alibaba pages. He says it is expected next month. I do not see anything about it on the KYD site. (You can go to http://cnkyd.cn/en/ or http://www.century-comm.com/en.)

At least they started with "A," so we can increment in a predictable pattern as they release bug fixes - unlike the KG-UV920R and its successor the KG-UV920P! And maybe they won't have to toss in an extra 8 like the Anytone AT-5888UV. Could this even mean the Chinese are learning lessons about putting out a quality unit the first time?

I had posted about some KYD HTs in the past, but they never seemed to gain much traction. In fact, I see that the Yahoo Group for those radios no longer exists. They do have some radios listed on the FCC site (FFC ID: VO6).


  1. That radio, except for the mic plug location, and knob locations is IDENTICAL to the Kenwood tmv71a. The mic and screen and even by the looks of it the way the control head attatches to the body is identical to the v71a, even the double knobs used are the same!

    1. When I was looking at the KYD NC-5H, it looked exactly like the Yaesu VX-3R.



    2. It indeed looks a bit like the Kenwood TMV-71 (which I own). Others say it resembles the FT-8900 a bit. Maybe they took some features from both.

    3. The only thing i can find that looks like the ft-8900 is the 2 knobs located above each other on the right side and possibly how the mic plugs into the control head. I have the v71 so as far as the ft-8900 goes, im just going from memory, while i see the v71 everyday

  2. It is also happened power supply between ALINCO DM-330MVT and QJE PS30SWV.

  3. Got an e-mail back from the manufacturer and updated the post. Specs might change and no price has been set.