Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anytone AT-5888UV: Firmware

Milton posted an update for Ed in the AT-588UV Yahoo Group.
"Ed says he's shipped 100 radios in the past two days. He is now updating firmware in his previous inventory. He must replace the mic board in the head, update the head firmware, remove the top cover on the body and update the main firmware. He says it's very time consuming. Probably 20-30 minutes per radio counting the unpacking, repacking and etc. And he has to work carefully as not to scratch anything. 
Updated radios will be shipping the first of next week. These will be EXACTLY like the recently arrived new inventory. Only difference between the updated inventory and the recent inventory is the updated inventory will have the updated mic board and the updated firmware. Ed says an additional 100 radios are supposed to ship at the end of this month from China. 
So as you might guess Ed is working night and days shipping radios and applying the updates to his previous inventory. Plus I'm getting a new radio too! Mine was part of the first 50 and had a problem with the mic board and some oddities to the receiver that I documented on a General Dynamics R8000 test set and sent my results to Anytone in China."
So what does Ed have to do to update the firmware? I wonder if end-users would be able to update it.

It would be fantastic if end-users could plug a radio in via USB and do an update. While software isn't the only issue in the rushed to market radios, it would make be an early adopter a little less painful. Aren't we getting closer to that everyday with SDR?


  1. So what does Ed have to do to update the firmware? I wonder if end-users would be able to update it.

    This would be intresting for all users, even owners of INTEK 2040 and CRT 270M

  2. Still needs ANOTHER Firmware up date to fix issue with no reverse frequency if display is in Channel or Name Mode.
    Need to be able to program a mic button to flip amoung the 3 different displays.