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Thursday, March 14, 2013

AnyTone AT-5888UV: Moleculo Review Finished

moleculo Wrapped up my review of the new Anytone AT-5888UV chinese mobile VHF/UHF #hamradio @, Mar 13 20:53:05 from TweetDeck

His conclusion is below, but read the article to get all the details.
"If you need a full featured VHF/UHF mobile radio for under $300 that includes programming software, this radio is for you. If you can spend another $100 for a radio, the Kenwood TM-V71A is a better all-around radio without the harsh RX artifacts while including support for external interfaces like a TNC. I will likely keep this radio as an inexpensive, use-anywhere radio but would probably recommend the TM-V71A as a better buy for most people."

Friday, February 22, 2013

Anytone AT-5888UV: INTEK HR-2040

A little information and a minor rant...
A post in the Anytone AT-588 Yahoo Group (that was deleted) pointed out the AT-5888UV is being sold as the INTEK HR-2040 at MoonRaker for £200 (GBP). INTEK has the radio listed on their site as well.

Now for the rant...

The owner of the Anytone AT-588 Yahoo Group closed the topic saying that it wasn't "a place to advertise other radios."

He goes on to say:
"And it could be a counterfeit which is not uncommon. I know there are counterfeit Wouxun handhelds out their that look and feel like the real thing. Anyway the less chatter about other brands in here the better."
"Certainly looks like the AT5888UV. Start your own Yahoo group called Intek_HR2040 and go talk about it there."
To me this is all a little heavy handed. Based on his other posts, he has a relationship with Anytone and I suspect that he does not want to jeopardize that - thus the "advertise other radios" remark. However, I think it is of interest to owners (and potential owners) of this radio what versions of the unit are floating around out there. If the HR-2040 is actually a re-branded AT-588(8)UV, then Anytone should be happy for any sales of the radios. If they are completely different radios internally and are only cosmetically similar, that's important, too. We've already seen different versions of the 588(8), so I think is reasonable to want to know how the HR-2040 compares. If we discover it is a horrible counterfeit, it would be a great service to make that information known.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

AnyTone AT-5888UV: Moleculo Review

Moleculo has started his review of the AnyTone AT-5888UV over at the Worldwide Radio Forum. He does good stuff. Nothing really new in his review so far (he updates over time), but there are some nice pictures.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anytone AT-5888UV: Firmware

Milton posted an update for Ed in the AT-588UV Yahoo Group.
"Ed says he's shipped 100 radios in the past two days. He is now updating firmware in his previous inventory. He must replace the mic board in the head, update the head firmware, remove the top cover on the body and update the main firmware. He says it's very time consuming. Probably 20-30 minutes per radio counting the unpacking, repacking and etc. And he has to work carefully as not to scratch anything. 
Updated radios will be shipping the first of next week. These will be EXACTLY like the recently arrived new inventory. Only difference between the updated inventory and the recent inventory is the updated inventory will have the updated mic board and the updated firmware. Ed says an additional 100 radios are supposed to ship at the end of this month from China. 
So as you might guess Ed is working night and days shipping radios and applying the updates to his previous inventory. Plus I'm getting a new radio too! Mine was part of the first 50 and had a problem with the mic board and some oddities to the receiver that I documented on a General Dynamics R8000 test set and sent my results to Anytone in China."
So what does Ed have to do to update the firmware? I wonder if end-users would be able to update it.

It would be fantastic if end-users could plug a radio in via USB and do an update. While software isn't the only issue in the rushed to market radios, it would make be an early adopter a little less painful. Aren't we getting closer to that everyday with SDR?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anytone AT-5888UV: PD0AC Review

I noticed that Dale sold out of the radios in three hours this week. I saw this morning that Ed has more of the rigs for sale and then I saw the review from Hans. Please go to his site to read the entire review.

First, Ed reports these changes:
- Updated Microphone -- Added a built-in speaker in mic's front & a switch to defeat the Channel Up/Down button (which was easy to accidently hit). This switch was also supposed to lock all buttons on the mic, but not sure about that yet.
- Bracket for mounting detachable control head.
- Updated Firmware -- Several menu functions have been added. See the owner's manual for all functions.
- FCC Part 90 Certified -- ID # T4K-5888UV
The first item may address one of the concerns in Hans' review regarding the buttons, but I don't think it would change his conclusion:
"If I may be blunt: many flaws are impossible to live with. If I transmit, I want to be heard. If I listen, I don’t want to be annoyed by noise, distortion and high pitched tones."
He even goes on to recommend the Wouxun at this point:
"If I would like to own a Chinese mobile radio, I’d rather put my money in an improved version of the Wouxun KG-UV920R."
I think this reminds us, as it certainly is not news, that the Chinese process for design and manufacturing is to roll out models as quickly as possible, let the early adopters identify problems, and then fix the problems in subsequent releases.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Anytone AT-5888UV: Name, Numbers, and Dates

More info on the name change and an update on the production timing and volumes from Ed at Import Communications via the Yahoo Group:

Who knows why they do the things they do? To make a distinction between China mainland sales and Overseas sales, Anytone decided to change the model name to AT5888UV for the overseas market. I don't know why didn't they use this new number for the China market, especially since 888 has the meaning of good luck in China.
100 radios are being produced right now. I will get as many as 50 of these but all have been spoken for. Large production will begin Dec 1st and I'm waiting on a shipping date for December.
When I'm given a firm shipping date for December, I will email that information to everyone on my "notify" list and will begin accepting orders. To add your name to this list, look for "Request re-stock notice?" at the bottom of the web page
Regards,Ed GriffinImport Communications

Anytone AT-5888UV: What is in a name?

So they've changed the name of the AT-588UV to the AT-5888UV to avoid confusion between the single and dual band radios. That clears things right up.

Seriously, how hard would it be for these companies to hire an native English speaker to help with their naming, documentation, etc.

As a matter of house-keeping here, I will continue to use the label AT-588UV and the new label AT-5888UV, so you can find all the related posts without doing two searches.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Manufacturer's Website

Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Company

A little about the company...
Founded in January 1993. Factory whole area is 24,000squre meter located in Quanzhou,Fujian.There are over 300 full-time employee.
Qixiang is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, producing and selling wireless communication equipment  such as Handheld Two Way Radio, Vehicle Radio,Citizen Band Radios,Repeater for cell phone network, Mobile phone Jammer, etc.
Qixiang annually invests over 10% of sales revenue into R&D.About 50 engineers keep transforming advanced technologies into innovative products. Qixiang is the contributor to several major international standard as FCC,CE,ROHS. We assure 18 months Quality Guarantee for product(the unit ).Strong ability in OEM/ODM, our production line has been strictly tested by QC department; out sale's team aim to supply you with high-quality after-sale service; the high-tech equipped facilities is a guarantee for high-quality products, such as HP8921, Marconi 2955 and Motorola 2600, Anritsu Ms8604A (100Hz-8.5GHz) and HP8753D (30KHz-6GHz). Besides that, we have two SMT machines made by JUKI Japan and several production lines. High & low temperature test and humidity test is our regular job every day.
Your success is our achievement; let's create a win-win future together. Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co., Ltd will be acted as your golden supplier in China. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Delay and A Risque Picture

So Kight Radio is reporting a delay in the certification of the AT-588UV. I'm becoming a little gun shy about being an early adopter. (I'm pretty sure my UV-5R has several of the bugs that were reported in the first few batches.)

While we wait, Hans (PD0AC) has a NSFW* picture of the AT-588UV undressed!!!!

* Okay, not really "not safe for work", but I've always wondered if my traffic would jump if I posted anything about sex, nudity, NSFW, etc.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Availability Update from Ed

"Anytone will produce a test run of 50 radios this week. I will receive a large number of these and will offer them for sale. Those that have requested notification on my web site will receive details by email.
A few of these first units have been promised to some of my dealers. The others will be offered for sale via my web site. First come first served.
Anytone has sought FCC certification for this model and is waiting for approval. These first 50 sold will NOT have the FCC certification sticker. The sticker will be provided after the sale. The first 50 sold will have the original microphone. The improved microphone, with built-in speaker will come with later production. I will furnish the improved microphone to the first customers, either free or at my costs.
Full production of this radio is scheduled for Nov 20. I will take pre-production orders right away, for delivery about Dec 1.
To receive information by email when all this is available, (plus prices, shipping, schedule, etc.) please click the "Request re-stock notice?" button on this web page....
If your name is already on this list, you do not need to enter it again.
Regards,Ed GriffinWouxun.US / Import"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Opinions

So, on the one hand, we have VA3ISP doing a hands on review of an early version of the AT-588UV. He makes several notes on his third day with the radio and says, "I am sorta bashing this radio at the moment but I haven’t really done much real world testing yet." He then provides his final analysis on the pre-release version - "Pure Garbage!" He lists the major faults as:
- RX audio is terrible. Constant static in the background even with transmitter in close proximity.
- Front end of radio is wide open like a barn door. I hear pager blasts from almost 1Mhz up the dial.
- Cannot store PL/CTCSS tones into memory from front panel.
- TX audio has an AGC problem. Audio volume goes up and down/
- No remote head bracket. It wasn't even in the making when I first spoke to them. They are now adding a bracket so you can remotely mount the head. ( What’s the use of a detachable face…. it’s not a car stereo )
- Beep when setting options is obnoxiously loud. Doesn't seem to be controllable with volume.
Contrast that with the comments from Ed and Dale.

Ed: "By the way, several dual band mobiles are being released, but the Anytone is far and away the best I've seen so far."

Dale: "AT-588UV is due out they say at the end of this month. We have tested the radios and everything checks out perfect."

They are talking about later versions, but there is a wide gap between garbage and best/perfect.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: USB

So many possibilities for the USB port:
"This is a suggestion I have made but have gotten no comment yet. The USB connection on the left side is actually no more than a charging voltage for cell phone type equipment. I suggested it would be more desirable to have this as a data port. I think I suggested they make it a second, parallel mic jack."

Anytone AT-588UV: Yahoo Group

And of course there is a Yahoo Group for the AT-588UV.

Anytone AT-588UV: VA3ISP First Look

Looks like Moleculo is still waiting on his unit to review, but VA3ISP has cracked the box on his and gives us his initial impressions starting with literally the box.
"Box is just plain white."
I've noticed the boxes tend to evolve overtime. Given their origins in Asia, I think the flashier boxes should be called Gangnam Style.
"The power leads are tinned at the end, makes for a nice connection."
That's a nice touch. He continues to say that display seems okay and the dials worked well. There were a couple of concerns on the audio side: receiving audio is noisy even when full quieting and transmitted audio is lower after a pause in speaking (problem with automatic gain control?).

I look forward to his future posts about the AT-588UV.

If you missed some of the previous information about the radio:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AnyTone AT-588UV: Import Communications Flyer and Survey

Ed sends out the following regarding the AnyTone AT-588UV. Sounds like it is the Chinese mobile we have all been waiting for. Please note his request for feedback via a survey at the bottom of his message.


Import Communications
September 11, 2012

Picture of Anytone AT-588UV


Dual Band Mobile

Detachable Head
Cross-band Repeat
50/40 Watts Output
758 Memories
AM Aircraft Receive
Wide-band FM Receive
2013 FCC Compliant

After the dismal performance and high price of Wouxun's dual band mobile radio, I'm excited to share information about the AnyTone AT-588UV. I have been testing this radio for a couple of weeks and I'm impressed. I think this will be the Chinese dual bander that takes the market.

It's computer programmable and the control head separates from the radio via a CAT5 cable. This radio is easy to manually operate because there are no sub-menus and there are matching controls for the left and right sides. Either side can be set for VHF or UHF or both the same. It has dual receive (two signals at once) and when transmitting, you can set the off side to be muted if desired. Unlike the Wouxun, with the AnyTone, you can scan one side while monitoring the other side. It only takes a couple button pushes to set up cross band repeat. And unlike the other brand, this cross band repeat actually works! It has AM Aircraft receive plus 220-260 MHz receive (sorry NO 220 transmit).

The company has given me this timeline for availability. They plan to produce a small run at the end of September and hopefully full production by the end of October. I suggested they make a larger test run because I've found nothing major that needs improving. I've made a few suggestions for firmware changes which they quickly approved. This company is interested in producing a good product. When the AT-588UV is available to purchase, I will send an announcement to this mailing list.

The owners manual is not yet available but I have a list of the various functions. I will post this information and the programming software on my web site as soon as I can. This will take you to that location.

Question Poll

To get a better understand on how the AT-588UV will be used and some options that may be needed, I have written a pool of questions. The results of this survey will help convience the manufacturer of any changes that need to be made or options added. Your participation will be appreciated. Here is a link to the poll:

Best Regards,
Ed Griffin

Wouxun.US / Import Communications
PO Box 451 - New London - NC - 28127

Friday, September 7, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Moleculo Review Coming

Good news as I like his reviews.
moleculo I have a new Anytone-588UV chinese mobile vhf/uhf #hamradio on order and will write a full review:, Sep 07 14:23:34 from TweetDeck

Monday, September 3, 2012

AnyTone AT-588UV: Import Communications

As part of his one, two punch, Ed may soon be selling the AnyTone AT-588UV mobile. He expressed his interest in the AT-588UV when the KG-UV920R came out with a whimper:

"Anytone Dual Band Mobile  -  AT-588UV
For the past two years, I have consulted with Anytone as they developed their dual band mobile radio.  Anytone send a non-working model of the radio for me to show at the Dayton Hamvention (Wouxun would not send anything).  Anytone is now sending a working model (for free!) and says full production will begin in early August.  Anytone has quoted a price that lets me know this radio will retail in the $250-$275 range.  It will be Part 90 Certified and will have some wide-band receive ranges, including AM aircraft.  I look forward to working with this company and expect their mobile to be a big seller."

So they missed the demo date by a smidget and they are at the top of the price range ($275), but he seems very high on it. Ed's listing is here.

September 1, 2012
We are testing our sample model now.  Results are GREAT so far.
This could be the Chinese dual band mobile that takes the prize!
  • Receive Range     (FM)  134-174, 200-260, 350-400, 400-520 MHz  &  FM Broadcast
                                (AM)  118-134 MHz (Air Band)
  • Transmit Range   (FM)  134-174, 400-490 MHz
  • Output Power       50, 35, 10 & 5 Watts
  • Bandwidth            Wide (25 kHz)  &  Narrow (12.5 kHz)
  • Tuning Step          2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 & 50 kHz
  • True Dual Receive - receive two signals at the same time or second side can be muted while transmitting
  • Separate Tuning Knob and Volume Control, each side
  • Separate Function Buttons, each side
  • Either side can be VHF or UHF at any time  -  VU, UV, UU, VV
  • Cross-Band Repeat (that works!)
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • 4 x 256 Memory Channels
  • CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, ANI, PTT ID, 2Tone/5Tone Encode & Decode
  • Scrambler Option
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Detachable Control Head (CAT5 separation cable)
  • Computer Programmable
  • FCC Part 90 Certified

Thanks to Nate for pointing out the updates on Ed's site.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Ed Drops A Bomb!

Wow! Wow. Just wow. I got the following e-mail from Ed:

Dear Customer,
Here is the latest news on Chinese dual-band mobile radios.
Wouxun Dual Band Mobile  -  KG-UV920R
On June 21 I was informed that Wouxun would supply a small number of these radios to selected dealers (max of 10).  At that time they also quoted a dealer costs that I thought was outrageous.  The dealer costs was almost what I have always considered the retail price would be.  In an email I told them sternly that with any dealer markup at all, the radio would not sell in the US and I would decline to purchase samples.
Wouxun response was that when full production began, the dealer costs would be lower.  Since I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars building a market for this company over the past few years, I decided I would not let others bring this radio to market before I did.  I reluctantly placed an order for 10 radios, figuring I would sell them at costs, to get them to market.
After my order was shipped, Wouxun informed me that these sample radios must NOT be sold for less than $320-$330.  They went on to say "If we found you or your dealer's end price was lower this range without our permission in advance, then we will stop supplying this model to you."
For the past two years, I've repeatedly told Wouxun that this radio must sell for no more than $250-$275 for it to be competitive with the big three Japanese companies.  It appears this advice has fallen on deaf ears.
These pre-production radios lack some of the features the full-production radios will have.  These will not be FCC Certified for Part 90 use.  They will have narrow band capability but will not have the 2.5 kHz tuning step required for Part 90 radios beginning in 2013.  The frequency range will be RX:136-174 & 350-480 and TX: 136-174 & 400-480.  They did not indicate if any wide-band receive, such as 118 MHz AM, would be available on these pre-production models.
Although these radios may lack some of the bells and whistles we've expected, I imagine they will still be good dual band radios for the ham market.  BUT, I still don't feel they are worth $325.
Wouxun says I can't sell these for less than $325.  They did not say that I can not include a FREE HT with the purchase.  (Rest assured, they will raise holy crap about it, but I'm used to that)  So here's my plan.  I will place the limited number I have on sale for $350 and include a free KG-UV2D HT in the deal.  I'll profit nothing at this but we'll see what happens.
Anytone Dual Band Mobile  -  AT-588UV
For the past two years, I have consulted with Anytone as they developed their dual band mobile radio.  Anytone send a non-working model of the radio for me to show at the Dayton Hamvention (Wouxun would not send anything).  Anytone is now sending a working model (for free!) and says full production will begin in early August.  Anytone has quoted a price that lets me know this radio will retail in the $250-$275 range.  It will be Part 90 Certified and will have some wide-band receive ranges, including AM aircraft.  I look forward to working with this company and expect their mobile to be a big seller.
TYT Quad Band Mobile  -  TH-9800
This radio covers 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 (only FM mode).  TYT sent a semi-working model for me to show at Dayton.  It would light up with menus working and etc.  Those who played with the display said it is a clone of the Yaesu FT-8900.  I have a close contact at TYT and am told they are working hard to get this radio into production in October.
I will continue to do my best to bring quality made Chinese radios to the US market and will only send these emails when necessary.
This particular email is going to about 5,000 people so please don't expect a quick response if you send me a question.
Ed Griffin
Wouxun.US  &  Import Communications

My shooting from the hip response... Ed is fed up enough with Wouxun that he is will to stress the relationship, but he's not done that without a Plan B (name change to Import Communications, Baofeng, Anytone, TYT). It also makes me think that Wouxun may have done us a great service by leading the way, but they may price themselves out of the low cost market - then they will be competing with the big boys on performance and quality. I'm sure the message board will be hopping tonight. I'm going to bed, but there will be interesting reading in the morning I am sure! I'm gonna have to read up on the AT-588UV, too.