Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boafeng UV-5R: New Models

marksenk Just wondering when the 2014 Baofeng UV-5R model will start being sold - "2013 model" appeared in UV-5R ebay descriptions 5 months ago!Sun, Jan 13 04:04:21 from web
They will be available as soon as the Baofeng marketing guy sees a drop in sales. Here is a reminder about the differences between the models from October:
"We receive many emails asking if we have different UV-5 models. We were also asked if we have the New 2013 latest UV-5 Baofeng has taken the standard UV-5R and packaged it on many different cases. ALL of these new model numbers are the SAME RADIO, no different from one to another but just a different name. There are no 2013 models unless you have a time machine, They talk about extended freq coverage, that change is made in the new software they released, not in the radio. So, pick the case design you like and go with that, your getting the same radio. Hong Kong and Chinese sellers like to confuse you and make you think your getting something different but your not. Better buy from a US Seller that will back the warranty in the USA."


  1. I believe your also getting a newer firmware on the later models. Yes the radio is the same but some small things have changed

  2. Hi, I started an article about the Baofeng UV-B5 on my website.
    You can find this article here: http://www.pa2old.nl/page.php?id=171
    This radio is very good, compare to the UV-5R and variations on it.
    Hans de PD0AC gives on a scale from 1 to 10 the UV-5R(E ect.) a 6 and de new UV-B5 a 8!

  3. The differences go beyond the superficial.

    There are incompatibilities between versions. While the original 1800mAh attery for the UV-5R appears to fit some of the variations:
    TYT :TH-F8
    Note that some models not listed including -5RC and -5RD

    Now look at the 3800mAh extended capacity battery:

    BAOFENG : UV-5R, BF-F9
    RONSON : UV-8R

    NOT Fit For:
    BAOFENG : UV-5RB, UV-5RE, UV-5RA , UV-5RA Plus , UV5R-C, UV5R-D
    TYT: TH-F8


    -UU suffix probably doesn't affect physical fit.

    If batteries aren't interchangable, what about charging cradles?

    The authors of CHIRP programming software universal radio note that there are many UV-5R firmware versions with undocumented changes in memory layout which have been causing difficulty. These changes may or may not be related to different package versions.

    - AK4OL