Thursday, February 21, 2013

SMP SMP698: For Sale at Kight Radio

Kight Radio now has the SMP698 for sale for $349.95 (USD). He updated his original post with the following comments:
"This radio is available now. We found the price to be a little high however the quality seems to be above average. Retail price will be $349.00."
Anyone going to roll the dice?


  1. Too expensive. I've been generally pleased with the Chinese radios but a large part of that is because of their low cost. When they start getting close in cost to the "name brand" rigs I don't think I'd choose them.

    Maybe eventually the Chinese mobiles will start coming down in price.

  2. For $300 I can buy a Yaesu FT-7900r. I know this is competing with the FT-8800r, but I would rather buy a FT-7900r if I can afford $350 instead of buying a SMP. I might buy it if it were $250.