Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hora HR-79D: Digital Mobile

More from Nate (with some notes from me in brackets):

A new mono-band (136-174MHZ) mobile VHF radio just got added to the 409Shop's plethora of radios, the Hora HR-79D ($296 USD). [Based on the picture of the box, I'm guessing the "V" in the part number is for VHF, but I don't see a UHF version.]

Some Specs:
- Analog mode, digital mode, mixed analog/digital mode
- FDMA modulation with 6.25K channels
- Super High security
- 999 channels with 20 Zones, each Zone with 50 channels
- More than 7 codes ID number
- Large programmable buttons
- Powerful, front-facing speaker
- Steps: 5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25/50/100 KHZ
- Output Power: 55W/15W/10W/5W

While the body of the radio reminds me of the Yaesu FTM-350, the most interesting feature is the FDMA modulation with 6.25K channels option.
I looked into it, and I suspect that since Chinese radios pretty much "borrow" everything Kenwood, these may be NXDN / Nexedge compatible.

Of-course if you would like a different brand on the same radio, there is the identical Luiton DG-78 and DG-79. [I was looking back to see what I had posted before about Luiton and note that Kight Radio had warned about "fake" FTM-350 radios being sold as Luiton FTM-350AR.]

Looks like the year of the Water Snake is going to be very interesting.


  1. I have a Hora hand-held radio for the 70cm band, from the begin of the 90s that still works excellent. It looks the same as a Standard radio of that time.
    I think that the price of this new radio is a bit to high.

    1. Glad to hear some feedback on Hora. Everything - even cheap Chinese radios - are too expensive for me right now!

  2. i hear that very good radios

  3. Uses the same style body as the Icom 2820 dualbander, magnets and all. Wish they made a chinese dual bander with this setup. I don't even care if it's digital or not.

  4. I was given one but without a manual. Anyone have one?