Thursday, March 21, 2013

TYT TH-9800: Quad Band Mobile No Show

I wrote a lot about the TYT TH-9800 in this post last May. In July, Ed was being told that it would be available in October. Dale had thought October as well, but then pushed his date to November.

I saw this posted on the TYT-USA Yahoo Group:
"Apparently the 9800 was shown at Dayton, but it hasn't been put into production yet and probably won't be. At least that's the latest word from a dealer that is a TYT distributor."
So more vaporware or just delayed like some other Chinese radios?


  1. OK. Website: an Aussie site lists unit as being available in March. Go to site, click on amateur radio, again on Andrews Radios to find radio. Price is $399aus which is currently at $416us. Page was updated on 11-02-13 which is euro for February 02 of this year so is kinda recent. I'm still hopeful!!,??

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  3. Correction 2: Wow, I need my coffee. So date is February 11. "Say Goodnight Gracie...."

    1. I feel your pain, brother.

      Thanks for the link. Look for an update soon. I got some more info.