Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Alianza DXB

The Alianza DXB by Bricom Solutions
(Alianza= latin for 'Alliance') (DXB = Docking Cross Breed Technology)

It isn't bad looking and cool in a way, but I cannot imagine throwing several hundred dollars after a docking accessory that "turns your smartphone into a full working traditional multi-band walkie-talkie." You'd have to be very committed to your iPhone 5 if you were going to keep it and the DXB. The KickStarter site for the DXB is here. I think their timeline is very aggressive, too.

You only get UHF, but the Runbo X5 might be a better alternative.

Via Hans


  1. The Runbo X5 is $300+ and is single band analog only. The Alianza DXB is VHF/UHF/800MHz, does Trunking and P25 and is only $400. Granted you have to have a smart phone already, but you wouldn't be buying this Alianza DXB if you didn't have a smart phone already. I am really tempted to pre-order one. I would love to have a TRI-Band Radio connected to my iPhone.

  2. Looks like it didnt make it and has gone nowhere since. Too bad :/