Thursday, April 4, 2013

TYT TH-UV3R: More Tri-band Success

This makes three people that have three bands working on their TYT TH-UV3R:
"I have a pair the 2m/1.25m versions. I even got the 70cm band unlocked and working. I am just wondering, is the 70cm band putting out the same watts as the 2m/1.25m bands or not? If not, how many watts? Or does anyone know?"
And, if I read all these correctly, the first guys had 2M/440 radios and added 220. The last guy above had a 2M/220 and added 440.

Also, Jay updates to say he gets:
"1.8 watts on 2 m, 1.9 watts 440, and 1.7 watts 220"

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