Monday, May 20, 2013

Feitong FT-808: Kight Radio Update

Dale ( has an update on the FT-808:
"For those of you that are interested in the Chinese HF Transceiver that waslisted as selling for $400.00, here is the correct price on the radio. 6,000 RMB Chinese money =(USD $975.60) They said they never put $400 on there but we all can see that price on their reps ad. I am in China now on a buying trip and I had my Chinese assistant get this information for us. Anyone that wants to buy one, I will be happy to give you the direct contact number so you can order direct from the mfg. Its normal for the Chinese to put a lower price on their ads just like they advertise the Wouxun 1P as a HF SSB Transceiver in some listings."
It is nice to have boots on the ground to get this information.


  1. Knowing Chinese 6,000 RMB might also be a lie to fleece someone already there with money in his hand.

  2. I just got a reply back from a company in Dubai who apparently ships for them and they quoted me $600.00US including shipping paid via Western Union....
    Fred VE3FAL

  3. I ordered from this company 3 weeks ago and it was shipped to me in Georgia by FedEx it took them 4 days to deliver it to me i was quoted $400.00 including shipping.

    Check there website :

    1. I was wondering how you like it also, Does it have good audio, ext

  4. Tony, how did you order the FT-808 from the website
    there does not appear to any way of buying Items they advertise. There is no shopping cart or buy now button or any thing else like you would have on a web site that sells Items.
    I have tried to contact them but no response. If any one reading this does know, please tell me.

  5. If you send them an email (address on website) they will respond. Payment is by Western Union or Bank Transfer. Am I crazy enough to send money this way - NOPE!! Perfect way for scammer/thief to get your money. Too bad.