Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leixen VV-808: More pictures

More pictures via and again:


  1. Interesting. The front of it reminds me of a few of the older Kenwood commercial mobile units. Not the most attractive looking radio, but if it works well then that doesn't matter.

    I noticed the mic actually says "Kenwood" on it. I wonder if it uses the same pinout for the mic as the Kenwood mobiles? If it did that would save me from having to purchase a programming cable as well.

  2. Interesting indeed. Unfortunately shipping to NL is as expensive as the radio itself. I can buy Yaesu single band radios for that money.


    1. When I was e-mailing with the seller on AliExpress, she reduced the shipping cost, so if you haven't e-mailed, you might check directly. Of course, it might end up like m42duster... ... although it sounds like his going to get his after all.

  3. Have one on order via Aliexpress so we'll see. All in with DTMF mic and programing cable including shipping under $90USD. Check out software at

    73, Steve