Friday, May 17, 2013

Leixen VV-808

N9XLC has posted about the VV-808 transceiver.  As he points out, this thing is small. I'm guessing from the pictures and the box that the manufacturer is Leixen, but there is no name on the radio. And we all know how these things get re-branded. The radio itself is $71 USD, but shipping is almost the same.

I'm going to assume the description of 136-174MHz or UHF: 400-470MHz is true and it is a mono-band radio despite some fuzzy language in parts of the listing. DHGate gives these specs:

Main Feature:
1.          Single band :  VHF: 136-174MHz or UHF: 400-470MHz
2.          Dual Reception/Dual Display
3.          Companding and Scrambler
4.          Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT)       107 groups DCS/58 groups CTCSS
5.          DTMF encoding and DTMF decoding
6.          PTT ID
7.          All calls, group calls and selective calls
8.          Monitor, Stun, Kill and Emergency Alarm
9.          FM Radio
10.      Scan/Scan add
11.      Channel name edit available
13.     199 memory channels
14.     High/Low power(10W/4W)
15.     APO(Auto Power Off)
16.     TOT(Time-out timer)
17.     Font Set(Big/Small)
18.     VOX(Level adjustable)
19.     Busy channel lockout
20.     Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
21.     Multi scan mode (TO/CO/SE)
22.     Channel steps (5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
23.     Wide/Narrow bandwidth selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
24.     TX Stop
25.     Talk
26.     Beat frequency
27.     Reverse frequency function
28.     1750Hz burst tone
29.     Four key programmable
30.     Lease Function
31.     Input frequency by using hand microphone
32.     Wireless changing frequency
33.     PC software disable frequency input
34.     PTT Times per Minutes Set
35.     All/Function reset
36.     Size: 120*85*40mm
In one word, this product is small but including all function useful for you.

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  1. Interesting. They are also on Aliexpress for $68.55 shipped. I wouldn't mind getting one for a go-kit, or GMRS use.