Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leixen VV-808: F4FWH

(Once again Google Translate in Chrome to the rescue... even though I took 4 years of French, I never used it, so it is gone. Even with the translation, I'm a little fuzzy.)

F4FWH's initial impressions and pictures are here. Some (translated) notes...
"After it turns out that the package contains what is advertised by the merchant, except for the microphone which is a DTMF microphone, but do not like the microphone Kenwood photos on this description."
Wish I understood this one:
"After a first handling it seems that this knob on the hook frontage has some places, but did not test other TX, it is possible that this problem is only present on my model."
And this one:
"After the initial startup, or the TX is set to off amateur frequency bands, I threw an eye on the record, that as the seller had told me is only in Chinese and this is why he advised me to take the programming cable."
A good bit of information to have - the username and password for the software:
Client Code: ham
Password: 12345123
And after the first QSO on a repeater:
"and tells me that my serious lack of modulation."


  1. Hi,

    Your traduction of my post is close enough ;)

    But : "I threw an eye on the record" Is more "I take a look on the manual"

    I've made some QSO today, and other OM told me that the modulation is good, so I think it depend on OM :p

    73 Vivien

    1. Merci!

      I should have asked my wife to translate - she is much better than a computer!

  2. The merchant said that the DTMF microphone was optional, but it came in the box.

    I think

  3. And maybe the picture on the manufacturer's website shows a Kenwood microphone but that's not what he got in the box.