Saturday, June 15, 2013

Leixen VV-808: Pop

I've got an annoying "pop" from the radio. I hear it every 10 seconds or so and then it won't happen for a minute. I bought a cheap antenna (MFJ-1721) to use with the VV-808. (I hate to spend a ton on accessories for my cheap radios. Also, that was what was in the big box.) My trouble-shooting has been limited to disconnecting the microphone (pop still occurs) and disconnecting the antenna (popping stops).

I'm back on the road again, so I don't expect to figure anything out today.


  1. Hey Brick have a look at this and see if it applies to your issues.

  2. Not heard any pops on mine yet? But I asked the nice Eileen Lin @ Leixen about the manual, she informs me they were working on the translation to English, and she would send me a copy as soon as possible.

    So send me an email Brick, and I will keep you informed if and when I receive a copy?

    Good luck sorting the Pops!

    73 Steve


    1. I also sent an e-mail to Leixen. Maybe if enough of us ask, they'll get on it.