Thursday, June 27, 2013


I'm playing with Digg Reader, The Old Reader, and Feedly. No winner yet. Importing was painless on all three and surprisingly quick.


  1. Did you try AOL reader?

  2. Comments on ars technica post its-time-to-say-goodbye-to-google-reader-and-hello-to-something-new/ led me to check out I am really liking it thus far, and was very dissapointed with Feedly (un-marking things as read randomly, and having to set read oldest first on each thread were my dealbreakers). Old Reader is nice, though has random periods of slowness and an emphasis on the social. I haven;t tried the Digg reader yet, but inoreader is my current favorite. I am definitly a poweruser though, currently at 611 feeds on a variety of topics. GL with your search, and I love the blog!

  3. I dont know if your on a Mac or a PC
    But on my pc's I use rssowl and on my macs I use Vienna on ios and android I use feedly/flipbpard & pulse

    I am extremely picky with the software I use.