Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baojie BJ-9900: Dual Band Mobile

A Baojie BJ-9900 mobile is heading to Hans, so look for a good review soon after he gets it.


  1. I noticed this guy too. looks a lot like a Yaesu FT-8800 clone but at a much better price. Hope these are good performers, I'd like one or two in my collection! Ken

  2. I bought a sample of the BJ-9900 directly from Baojie several weeks ago. It has many, many problems. The two biggest issues are:

    -VHF airband receive is FM (F3E) only, not AM (A3E). All airband aircraft transmissions are on AM, not FM, thus the radio is basically useless on the VHF airband and should not be advertized as useable on that band.

    -Volume level cannot be turned to zero (off) on either the MAIN or sub-band.

    Because of the first problem, the BJ-9900 should NOT be promoted as a VHF airband receiver. Though it can tune those frequencies (if opened up by factory programming), it cannot properly receiver aircraft or ATC communications in the FM mode as-is.

    Hong Kong

  3. You must go to menu and enable AM receiving.

    1. la volevo acquistare la bj9900 nn me la consigliate?

  4. salve volevo acquistare la bj9900 nn me la consigliate?

  5. Has anyone figured out how to use the programming software that comes with the radio? Are the off sets for the frequencies automatic by selecting the "-" and "+"? Are u supposed to start with the Left and Right Band Channel to start the programming or what?? It sure would be nice if they had DETAILED instructions...thanks

  6. Purchased this to put in my car. Wanted something simple and easy to use. Read book and had no problems programming in repeater and simplex frequencies. DON'T use comp, sounds horrible. Ultra small holes in front of mike don't help. Dismantle mike and bore holes out to 2mm each, edges broke and the mike now has a small neat hole. Much better audio. Computer programming still eluding me, will have to get a computer geek to help. happy with radio

  7. Obviously a pile of junk when sitting beside a FT8800