Thursday, July 18, 2013

KYD NC-UV90A: Dual Band Mobile Update Update

The previous update was "The price is not yet fixed now, but it will be around USD230. The item will be ready at the beginning of April. Right now it is under double testing and will start sample order later soon."

The new update is:
"As to the NC-UV90A, it will be available soon. Right now it is under final testing, and will get to production soon, maybe early of August. 
The price for it now is USD198. Hope it is workable for you."


  1. Great... just when i thought i had enough radios, they have to go and make the price tempting enough that i may consider it once i get more info on it.
    To make it even more tempting, it seems to be a clone of the Kenwood TMv71a, which is currently my favorite "ham" mobile, if you dont take commercial LMR radios into consideration.

  2. Interesting, I almost forgot about this radio because they didn't follow up on my previous e-mails.