Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leixen N8 Frequency Counter

Eileen of Leixen asked me if I was interested in the their N8 Frequency Counter. The specs and details are below - including a video demonstrating its use. I see a lot about Chinese radios, but I don't see much about tools like this. Is anyone using anything like this?

[ UPDATE ] I should have included the link to buy ($25 plus shipping) at AliExpress.

N8 handheld frequency counter using dot-matrix LCD, it mainly used to measure the frequency, CTCSS and DCS of radio.

The counter adopts the inductive measurement without the use of feeders, which make the measurement convenient and quick.

The counter can also used as a torch for it has a bright LED lamp.

Measure range: Frequency 1MHz ~ 1000MHz, all CTCSS, all DCS.
Operating Current: 46mA current measurement
Torch current: 20mA
Battery: 3 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
Auto power off: 60 seconds



  1. Replies
    1. Sorry - should have added - $25!

  2. I would love to see pcb of this thing. It decodes DCS = can decode FSK = could be modded into crude 1MHz ~ 1000MHz scanner?

  3. I think I will order one. It would be good to upgrade from my Gooit gy 560. Although the N8 is 10 bucks more it goes down to 1mhz and uses AAA batteries rather than 9v.

  4. Got my Leixen N8 frequency counter today. The good thing about it is that it locks on and stabilizes quickly. And it will read the tone codes. The bad thing is that the sensitivity is terrible. A uhf or vhf 4 watt ht has to be just a couple of inches away to get a reading. It won't read a 800 MHz cell phone even with the antenna touching the phone and it won't read a 100 watt 6 meter radio by sitting it next to the coax. I also tried to read a 40 watt vhf radio with the cover off and no go. The picture on the box the unit has an antenna, the actual unit has a flashlight. This thing sorely needs an antenna. I'm going to try to find out how to add one. The Gooit 560 (another $20 counter) is way more sensitive.

    1. Thanks for the info. There must be a law that everything from over there must have a flashlight. ;)