Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leixen VV-808: Popping Follow-up

I sent my video of the popping sound to Leixen and got the following response:
"We know what you mean for Popping. We did test, it really popping sometimes when the antenna connected. For the PoPPing, We can't find what is the problem for now. We will try to solve the problem. Thank you for your feedback."
They've been quite helpful (including with getting a rotary encoder), so I really hope they are able to solve this issue. I'd like to buy another VV-808 or two - one for the office and two for the cars. I'd like to standardize on one radio and this one is small enough that my wife won't balk at having it put in her car. Plus the price is pretty good even with the increase after they sold the first several.

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