Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leixen VV-898: Dual Band

As I guessed yesterday based on a poor translation, the VV-898 that is listed on the Leixen site will be a dual band mobile radio. From Eileen at Leixen:
"Yes, we are planning a dual band mobile radio. The model would be VV-898. But it is just been developing. It would take some time. Maybe not so quickly."
So no details and no date, but it doesn't keep me from hoping it is the same form factor as the VV-808 single band.


  1. Will it have 128 channels and a built in flashlight? ;-)

    John K3NXU

  2. I have been in communications with the manufacturer and it is a 10w radio dual band with fm broadcast rcvr. It is also to cover 245-246 rcv only. I have talked them into have it cover 200-260mhz rcv only with degradation on either end. Retail is going to be $150 Hopefully will have for sale at Dayton 2014. Doug N3DUG

    1. Thanks for the info. I had not seen pricing anywhere yet.