Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Practical Meter

A Kickstarter project to help you monitor the capabilities of your charging device (wall outlet, solar panel, car charger, laptop, etc.) for your phone or other USB device.

WIREDInsider Kickstarter: Not all USB ports are created equal. This little device can tell you which one to use: ow.ly/mxCCD Mon, Jul 01 14:03:27 from HootSuite


  1. or just use dollar store amp meter

    1. Packaging and marketing makes all the difference.

    2. Of course. But this is a case of trying to sell you something you will use once (check a charger, is it ok? is it fast? ok we are done) while telling you this is something you would use all the time.
      Do you really need to measure charging current EVERY SINGLE time you charge something?
      It almost feels like amazing cant live without garbage TV infomercials push on people. Look, its a rake with buildin phone holster!