Friday, July 5, 2013

Zastone MP900

If you don't want a Baojie BJ-9900, you could try the Zastone MP900. I'm sure it is totally, completely, absolutely 100% different - or not.

Thanks to Nate for the link.


  1. I ordered one of these, paid only $213 with free shipping. Nervous at first to order from the alibaba outfit but it all worked out... One thing you should know is this radio comes with an "N" antenna connector and you will need an adapter to connect a pl-259 type coax.

  2. Yes, I like it SO FAR, only had it a few days. I couldn't find ANY reviews but still bought one anyway...

    There are some odd things about it... The mic is HUGE and clunky but it works well for direct enter of freqs into memory. I didn't need a computer programming cable, did it old school by hand and it wasn't that hard. But you can't change the power output (or any other setting) when it's in the memory mode - each freq is completely setup from the menu and once it's saved there is no changing it unless you go back to VFO and re-enter everything. And there is no setting in the menus that I can find for skipping channels in scan - it's just sort of all or nothing. Volume and squelch knobs are both somewhat touchy and even the lowest vol setting is quite loud. And the speaker is kind of small and very tinny, but an external works well thru the audio plug and sounds great.

    Not killer issues, just different and somewhat inconvenient... but this is a dual-band radio that I paid $213 including shipping. I'll put up with the oddities as long as it lasts, so far it seems to work fine.

    1. So did the programming cable and software come with the rig? Thanks!

  3. Had this radio awhile but it has an annoying whistle when you least expect it
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Can it be fixed?

  4. I have this annoying whistle too so looking for a resolution to it
    Any help is appreciated