Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baojie BJ-9900: 409Shop

Thanks to Ken who let me know that the 409Shop has the Baojie BJ-9900 (or BJ9900) on sale for $250 including shipping.

Previous posts about the 9900 are here. I looked back at my posts and saw that Hans was going to get a sample, so a) he didn't get it, b) I missed his review, or c) he got trapped under something heavy and we need to help him out so he can get back to posting reviews.

I hope it isn't the last one.


  1. I just ordered mine on ebay, so it is on it's way. my first question is does anyone know if the cable is the same as the FT8800, since I have one of those....It looks the same but not sure if the pinouts are the same. I could also use a link to download the software. Thanks

    1. No. Programming is done through the microphone connector. I hope your radio is better than my review sample (yes, review is delayed).