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HF-One: HF-One MKII Details

I found a thread about the HF-One MKII at and will have several posts about this radio based on what I found there. Translations courtesy of Google Chrome/Translate. This first one is a long description of the radio and some of its features:

"Low-power portable HF SSB transceiver kit assembly and adjustment (on) Overview: 5100 HF SSB transceiver small power car, HAM is the latest of a high-performance HF transceiver kit, which prototype for foreign TRX2A mature suite. The machine uses a single-sideband phase-shifting technology, eliminating the high cost and cumbersome to adjust SSB crystal filter. Machine extensive use of SMD components, with lines mature, cost-effective, powerful features, it is worth a try amateur radio enthusiasts. 
Here to tell us about this transceiver kit assembly and adjustment. One, the whole constitutes the whole total of three PCB, respectively, display control panel, motherboard and RF transceiver amplifier board. High integration, small components is a feature of the machine, so when assembled, covered with a clean plate as far as possible, and keep the surroundings clean, so if the components are not accidentally fall, it tends to recover . The display control panel to adjust the frequency encoding rotary switch, volume control potentiometer, control the automatic wire-speed potentiometer. In addition, there are six multi-touch buttons and microphone jack, then, clear displays. 
Powerful machine microcomputer control chip and direct digital frequency synthesizer chip is also located on the block on the PCB, board a trimming resistor for trimming direct digital frequency synthesizer output phase. Board also built a total length of 240 seconds of the ten segments sound recording circuitry. Using a 32-core FFC flexible flat cable to the transceiver board. An eight-core RJ45 socket for connecting the multifunction control microphone in hand. Transceiver integrated on the motherboard of the machine's most important transceiver channel line. And connect the Display control panel and RF amplifier board. Phase shift circuit transceiver and audio filter circuit is located on the upper section and intermediate. Audio amplifier is located on the bottom right of the board. The block on the PCB, there are three adjustable potentiometer, respectively, for adjusting the maximum power CW, SSB maximum power adjustment, and automatic gain control AGC threshold adjustments. RF amplifier board in the host's bottom with integrated transmitter power amplifier, low-pass filters transmit receive pre-selected frequency transceiver circuit and switching circuit. 
In addition to the antenna socket connection, the panel also has a 3.5mm external jack for an external speaker cabinet; a 9-pin multi-function interface, providing the microprocessor serial communication port, auto-key interface and transceiver control signal input and output other connections. The block on the PCB has four trimmer, trimming two individually and two push tube amplifier tube quiescent current. A maximum current of 3.5A SMD fuse is also located in the top right corner of the plate, two red and black power cord provides power machine connection. In addition, the board has two patch 2.54 for connection to send and receive the motherboard. 
Second, the whole welding assembly kit provides is the big kit form, and most of the IC RC have patch welding complete, the user need only a small amount of welding line discrete devices, enthusiasts spend a little time, use the tip of a 35W head electric iron, with the commonly used tweezers, screwdrivers, etc. Basically, you can easily completed independently, so a low level of difficulty assembling welding. Get the PCB, the first detailed examination of the naked eye whether the legacy board solder points, points, etc. heap tin, preferably with a magnifying glass and then check in detail the various IC devices and socket pin has even welding, Weld and so on. 
1) Display control panel welding assembly
① first eight-core RJ45 socket weld, fasten the 32 pin FFC cable and the display assembly fixed, posted a good key Mylar film, as shown.
② fitted rotary encoders and two potentiometers, PCB fixed to the front surface of the plastic shell, fine-tuning knob handle position, making sure hole in the middle of the front shell, you can weld on the rotary encoders and potentiometers. Weld horn two wiring.
③ tear screen protective film, posted a good mirror. Description: The factory, microprocessor control chip firmware has been brushed latest version, the user need not consider firmware update issues. Should you need to downgrade the firmware update microprocessor or due to re-burn solid, you can contact the service units to solve.  
2) RF power amplifier board welding assembly
① Press the attached information about a good six low-pass magnetic coil and the coil pin to scrape paint, boring is good tin.
② welding two standing wave power detection coil and the intermediate threaded weld is good. Low-pass welding six magnetic coils. Welding 6 relays.
③ weld 3.5MM socket, 9-pin multi-socket
④ ready two amplifier tube, curved good pin and painted a good cooling gel, three-terminal regulator 7805 also painted a good cooling gel, these three TO-220 packaged devices with screws in cast aluminum shell, as shown.
⑤ fitted RF amplifier board PCB, pay attention to the good two amplifier tube pins, use four 1-centimeter-long bolts and three M3 screws good RF amplifier board PCB, soldered two amplifier tube pin. Openings from the PCB using a Phillips screwdriver checking two amplifier tube is tightened.
⑥ welding power cord terminals. Description: This board four trim resistor adjustment need not adjust the motherboard transceiver installed, so you can start with the following RF amplifier board of adjustment, then the motherboard assembly. 
3) transceiver board assembly. The plates welded components without user put on the PCB two 2.54-row seat aligned RF power amplifier board pin, pressed a little harder motherboard, make-row seat buckle in place. Use four screws fixed transceiver motherboard.  
4) the whole assembly
① first waterproof tape fixed to the aluminum shell, pull out the three-terminal regulator cable into the Display control panel. The display control panel FFC cable through the other end connected to the aluminum shell openings transceiver socket on the motherboard, and secure.
② Shell snaps onto the front cast aluminum chassis. Fitted with metal casing and lock, installed car bracket, connect the power cord to extend the client. At this point, the host welding assembly is completed.  
5) multi-microphone in hand soldering assembly kit requires welding assembly hand microphone device is not much. Follow these steps, you can easily accomplish.

1 iron lock to the hook on the back cover, then microphone, pay attention with a good two weight stack.
(2) if the microphone attached to the keys on the front cover, press the Li-ping. A spring assembled PTT, PTT button, PTT rubber bridge, the second function key rubber.
3 welding on the electret microphone, two touch buttons, 8-pin row seat, clock crystal.
4 aligned position, glue on the PCB Mylar film, try to press the normal feel comfortable.
5 In the words of the PCB board fixed microphone on the front cover and tighten four screws. And press each button, the test feel.
6 Use pointed tweezers or pin auxiliary, then the 8 pin microphone cable according to the functions corresponding to adjust line sequence. The word microphone cord into the 8-pin socket on the PCB, good pressure fixed rubber block.
7 Microphone for wear after the shell and tighten three screws.
8. Microphone connected to the hand grip panel microphone jack. 
At this point, the whole welding assembly is completed. At this point, the whole welding assembly is completed."

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