Monday, October 28, 2013

HF-One: HF-One MKII Internals

"Brief description: amplifier and low-pass at the bottom, the motherboard on top. seat with two 2.54 fasten .32 PIN of FFC cable connected to the front face. That's it. machine is only three PCB, can try to patch the patch. deduction locking screws and other low-tech work and some require soldering are:

1 \ Power cord
2 \ Amplifier tube
3 \ forward and reverse power detection coil
4 \ likely six relays have manual welding on
5 \ and antenna pedestal cable
6 \ multifunction port (9-pin serial port power strip)
7 \ 3.5MM stereo jack

good Like no.

motherboard does not seem to require manual soldering. wear only need to manually connect the front face of the 32PIN cable."


  1. Thanks for looking into all this, Brick. I'm really hoping this thing turns out as a decent product and available in the US. 10W rig for digital in the field is sounding good to me....

    Tony KD8RTT

  2. So it does seem to be a real rig after all :)
    I'd love to see some benchmark tests and elaborate specifications...

  3. Thanks for writing about this, I think it's an awesome radio. The internals are actually the from the Juma TRX2A, wich is very nice.

    I wrote something about it also, with some more info:

    1. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to post your link so more folks will see it.