Saturday, October 26, 2013

HF-One: HF-One MKII Video

Based on this video, the HF-One will connect via RS232 to Ham Radio Deluxe and works like a Yaesu FT-897.


  1. It seems pretty safe to assume that it's relatively easy to use digital modes on the radio, and 10W is fairly good for digital. Also, with only 3 A current draw, it's feasible for field operation.
    It could also work very well with QRP antenna tuners (e.g. Elecraft T1). I wonder if it has any kind of built-in SWR indication. It also looks as if it has an actual S-meter. If it has filters appropriate for CW, that would be excellent.

    At half the price of the Yaesu FT-817ND (though without 6M - 440 bands), the same price as the (CW-only) YouKits HB-1B, and slightly less than the YouKits TJ2B (5W, 5-21 MHz), it seems really attractive and competitive.

    It's also an entry-level option for Technician Class: 10 M digital, CW, and SSB, plus CW on 40/15 M. And HRD has CW software.

  2. Be interesting to see if it's anything like the orignial X1m train wreck, this looks promising. Anyone notice the red Baofeng UV-82 in the background? :)