Monday, November 18, 2013

Baofeng UV-82X: 2M/220

Martyn is back with a new radio... the Baofeng UV-82X that will do 2M and 220.
"Baofeng UV-82X Dual Band 144/220 Handheld Transceiver
This is a brand new model out, IN STOCK NOW!!!
Features dual band, dual display, dual RX, 2.5 commercial spacing
5W out hi 1w out lo power, 128 memories, Emergency alarm,
Rugged construction, Perfect for Commercial and Amateur use."


  1. Why does Martyn still use a picture of the 2800mAH battery? I thought we all figured out a long time ago that this was misleading.

  2. If you looked you will see that I clearly mention the battery capacity is 1800ma

    and in my description it explains it is 1800ma

    How is that misleading Hans?

    If Baofeng have not changed the stickers have a go at them not me or my company.