Friday, November 1, 2013

HF-One: HF-One MKII Juma TRX2A

YO9IRF offers some insight on the HF-One MKII:
"When you see the internals though, you will realise this isn't something completely new: it is actually a repacked Juma TRX2A made a few years ago by OH2NLT and OH7SV and initially sold for EUR 500 (wich is around US$ 680), sporting AD9851 direct digital synthesis (also used in the X1M), polyphase filtering and a PIC 30F5014 microcontroller. It works from 11 to 15V, takes 500mA on RX and 3A at the maximum 10W TX output, reciever sensitivity is -130dBm and the IMD3 dynamic range is claimed at an impressive over 100dB."

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