Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leixen VV-808S: Available Now

The VV-808SV (VHF) is here. The VV-808SU (UHF) is here. This is what the site says about the difference between the 808 and the 808S along with a warning (that I still think is directed at me):
1. Maybe many people ask me what is the difference between VV-808S and the old version VV-808. To be honest, it is just update some bugs and add some functions. It make the radio more convenience for use.
2. Please don't disassemble the radio yourself even if you are a seasoned ham, because you might broken the radio in accident. And you won't entitled for the after service since you disassemble the radio.
They updated the feature list with the following information/changes:
6. PTT ID (Voice broadcast PTT ID. NEW:Display 14 Digits)
31. Input frequency by using hand microphone (Up/Down can be set by the buttons of the side of the Microphone)
37. Power Supply: 12V/24V.


  1. If manufacturers start to refer to you, a seasoned ham, you really made it in this world...

    I'm green with envy.

    1. I think "seasoned" may be a stretch or may be just something lost in translation.

  2. Maybe I'm being short-sighted, but when a 65 watt Kenwood TM-281A can be had for $10 more... I really don't see a reason for wanting a VV-808S