Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mobile QSO Aid

An interesting idea...
"After finally discovering I could fit my Yaesu FT-2900R in my Honda Accord, I've become much more interested in transmitting while mobile. Although this rig is 2 meter only, I've been able to work a few people while driving back and forth from college. My setup is quite simple which I will highlight in a future post. In order to stir up some activity, I've tried taping a piece of paper in my back window stating my callsign and the FM simplex calling frequency in hopes someone will see it and give me a call."


  1. I do the same thing on road trips, but I use a large scrolling LED sign mounted in the back window of my SUV. It certainly draws attention from the drivers behind me, but I have yet to have a QSO because of it.

  2. Over a quarter million miles with call sign plates and 52 simplex decal on cars in OH-10 and never a QSO

  3. Yep, nothing for me so far. It seems that whenever I have put up a sign or the magnet, I never see any other hams. Take them off my car, and I see a few guys with ham plates driving past me.

  4. Strange, I randomly call CQ on 52 while driving around, and pick up a lot of people. Not every time, and not every day, but I've had a lot of qso's here in the south with other mobiles and base operators.
    One thing of note 52 simplex is huge in the Roanoke VA area. I always worked several people up there when going through.