Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bayesian Morse Decoder

 A Bayesian Morse Decoder
"To demonstrate the Bayesian decoding capability I tuned my KX3 on W1AW frequency 3.58105 Mhz at 8:00 PM EST today and let two identical FLDIGI copies of the same v3.21.75 software running from the same audio source. I have a SignaLink USB connected between KX3 and my ThinkPad laptop running Linux Mint OS. 
On Fig 1. below I have the legacy SOM decoder on the left side and the new Bayesian decoder on the right . The legacy decoder makes a lot of errors and CW bulletin is not really readable. On the right side I have enabled Bayesian decoder and you can actually read the bulletin, though the lack of proper word spaces make this still a bit difficult to read. In any case Bayesian decoder provides significant accuracy improvement with real life noisy CW signals."
Via Slashdot

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