Friday, December 27, 2013

FINsix: Shrinking the Power Brick

FINsix wants to change power adapters by increasing the frequency at which they work:

"4x smaller and 6x lighter than today's adapters
Built-in USB port replaces phone/tablet chargers
Charges laptop and 10W devices simultaneously
Wall plug form factor eliminates bulky AC cable
Only occupies a single socket when plugged in
Compatible with all major laptop brands
Ideal for mobile professionals and students 
Product Description
The FINsix laptop charger is a full-powered AC adapter that is four times smaller and six times lighter than what is typically found on the market today. The reduced size allows for a form factor which plugs directly in to the wall and only consumes the space of one socket. This eliminates the bulky "inline brick" implementation as well as the thick AC-side cord that is commonly found on laptop chargers. Also, with its auxiliary USB port for powering other devices, this adapter replaces your phone and tablet chargers as well."

Via Technology Review via Ace of Spades HQ

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  1. The FINsix-adapter can be this small thanks to an invention of MIT-scientist David Perreault. The technology makes use of VHF frequencies between 30 to 300 MHz,

    So, now the million dollar question: what will the impact be on our hobby? Wasn't PLC bad enough?