Monday, January 6, 2014

Best and Worst of 2013

I was going to do a list, but I've been lazy busy. Lucky for me, Hans has updated his "China’s Best and Worst" list for 2013. He does his rankings based on the technical analysis.

Looks like I am going to do a list of sorts after all...

From a non-technical perspective, I would say looking at the GT-3 has been fun. I'd like to get a ZT-2R as its wide-receive might make it a better micro HT to have around than the UV-3R.

I got to play with the KG-UV950P and learned quite a bit during the testing process. (Thanks again to Buy Two Way Radios for the loaner.) I also was really excited about the VV-808 when it appeared as an inexpensive single band mobile.

The Xiegu X1MKII has taken off - so much that I've not kept up with all the news/mods/firmwares/etc. And I wish that I'd see more about the HF-One MKII.

As for 2014, hopefully we will continue to see advances across the board including the digital radios that are starting to appear. (And hopefully I will get a job, too!)

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