Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baofeng UV-B5: The Best Kept Secret's Secret

Amazing... I had noticed a bunch of traffic on the Yahoo Group, but I had not made time to read through it. John sums up that the dual-band (2M/440) UV-B5 can do about 2 Watts out on 220. You can access the additional band frequencies by using Chirp to program the radio.


  1. Any idea what the receive sensitivity is? Not looking for numbers, just wondering if it's deaf as a post or is usable as a 220 radio. It's a band I've never played with due to lack of equipment, and there's very little (if anything) on the air on 220, but for $40, it might be fun for travel.

    1. I've not really seen anything on that, but, as you would suspect, everyone says you need to get a tri-band antenna to make it useful.

  2. can i use 350-380mhz on this radio