Monday, April 7, 2014

Leixen VV-898: Dual Band Mobile

Leixen will soon be releaseing the VV-898 dual-band mobile. Picture and specs below.

Main Feature :
1. Dual band: 136-174MHz/400-470MHz/245MHz(Receive only)
2. Dual Reception/Dual Display
3. Voice Companding and Scrambler
4. Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT) 107 groups DCS/58 groups CTCSS
5. DTMF encoding and DTMF decoding
6. PTT ID(Voice broadcast PTT ID)
7. All calls, group calls and selective calls
8. Monitor, RX Inhibit, RXTX Inhibit and Emergency Alarm
9. FM Radio(87.5MHz-108MHz)
10. Scan/Scan add
11. Channel name edit available
12. 199 memory channels
13. High/Low power(10W/4W)
14. APO(Auto Power Off)
15. TOT(Time-out timer)
16. Font Set(Big/Small)
17. VOX(Level adjustable)
18. Busy channel lockout
19. Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
20. Multi scan mode (TO/CO)
21. Channel steps (2.5K/5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
22. Wide/Narrow band selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
23. TX Stop
24. Talk Around
25. Beat frequency
26. Reverse frequency function
27. 1750Hz burst tone
28. Four key programmable
29. Lease Function(can program lease time of the radio at a exact time)
30. Input frequency by using Keypad
31. Wireless changing frequency
32. Timepiece
33. PC software disable frequency input
34. Passwords for menu functions Set
35. PTT Times per Minutes Set
36. All/Function reset
37. 13.8V DC Power Supply
38. Size: 120*85*40mm


  1. What? no rotary encoder?
    If it is less than $60.00 it might be worth it.
    My last leixen purchase is already in the junk box. (freq counter)

    Rob in AZ

    1. I wonder if they did that just for me, so I couldn't break another one! I've asked about pricing.

  2. It looks like Leixen just releases other people's equipment under their name - their handhelds look a lot like rebranded Baofengs. I wonder who makes this one?

    1. As far as I know this is their design. I've not seen it or the VV-808 selling under any other labels.

    2. on the leixen website, it says under the warranty area, to take your radio to a HYT support location. so i'll gamble its some starter company under them.

  3. 10 Watts = high power? Oh sure. No air band RX? Well, maybe not.

  4. Needless to say, I don't have a very high regard for Leixen after their shenanigans with the VV-808.

    It only puts out 10 watts but if it's less than about 75 USD then I might see about picking one up to play with. Otherwise I can do without it. I'm betting they'll try to sell it for about $150 and it will be another flop.

  5. Depending on price and power this might be just what I've been waiting for for my rockcrawling club

    1. After slightly more research on the manufacturers webpage it appears this good for 10 watts. Price is definitely going to be the deciding factor on this unit

  6. £57.21 on ebay uk.
    Item # 131190797739

  7. Continued from May 24th...
    So I decided to go ahead and buy one. There are two listings on ebay uk from ostensibly different sellers at the moment. However the listing start times are the same to within a few minutes and the price + P&P is the same - making me think it's the same organisation behind it.

    I went for the one with free postage (better refund if it doesn't work).

    Following several email exchanges with Leixen and the seller, I'm still unsure whether I'll get the programming cable or not.

    I would expect that it is the same as the VV808 cable

    I'm expecting delivery in two to three weeks based on previous experience.

    1. Leixen has confirmed that it is the same cable for the VV-808, VV-808S, and VV-898.

  8. I don't have 4 ,5 and 10w but only 3 and 7w . They are some trimmer sor setting for fine tuning output power?