Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wouxun KG-UV899

An upgrade to the KG-UV1DP? An answer to the Baofeng UV-5R?

BuyTwoWayRadios is about to get the Wouxun KG-UV899. They point out a few features:
"Dual frequency, Dual Display and Dual Standby
105 Groups DCS / 50 Groups CTCSS
Inspection, Monitor, Stun, Kill and Emergency Alarm
Call Ring
Channel Knob
IP55 water resistant"


  1. The only way I see it competing with the UV-5R is if it's $40-50. Not saying that won't happen, but Wouxun seems to think of themselves as "classier" than the other Chinese manufacturers and I can definitely see them slapping a steep price tag on it.

  2. today arrive a new uv 899 radio deaf in vhf ..only signals over 9 + 10 works...

    sad but true...

    1. I just got my wouxum KG-UV899 and already I am having problems I am stuck on something call sub frequency receive can you help me by telling me how to get out of it or send me a Email at thank you for your help.