Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wouxun KG-UV8D: Crossband Repeat

So, it works. It was no trouble to get going... this was just a super quick and dirty test.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Sir.

    May I know if this KG-UV8D is on two-way cross band repeat mode (VHF<->UHF) or just directional cross band repeat (VHF->UHF) ? Also, is there an option in the Menu to activate which mode to use or does it automatically go into two-way cross band repeat mode?

    1. It has both...
      Duplex Cross-Band Repeating
      This allows rebroadcasting a VHF signal to UHF (or UHF to VHF) with two selectable options.
      Directional repeat which allows either VHF to UHF or UHF to VHF repeat.
      Two Way repeat allows both options, but not simultaneously. The first active receive signal takes repeat priority. When that signal drops, both receivers return to active standby.
      To prevent receiver overload, the UV8D will not allow same band VHF/VHF or UHF/UHF repeating. As one would expect, the isolation to allow this just isn't there.
      Hope this helps...

    2. I really appreciate you posting that info, Sir. Thank you very much.

  2. For all it’s worth, I left my evaluation at

    It’s pretty impressive.
    US price at MTC is $159 USD (free ship)
    Until the end of April, they have a $20 coupon code “KGUV8D” that drops it down a few $$$.

  3. How long the radio can operate in cross-band repeat mode, if TX power is high? How much does the radio heat up?

    1. I tested it myself... The answer is here: