Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wouxun KG-UV8D: Questions

So here are the questions that have been asked of me so far... anything to add?

What is the scan speed like?
Is there a way to leave the display on all the time w/o backlight?
What's different between this and the older Wouxun's?
How's the DTMF paging work?
Can you assign anything to the PF keys on the side, or just a few options?
Does the charger come in 110V only or is it on autovolt system (110-240V)?
Does it have the same X-DIRPT, X-TWRPT Cross band options like the Wouxun KG-UV920P mobile?


  1. How do the banks work on this? Also are there different scanlists tied to the banks?

  2. I'm especially interested in the DTMF paging. My Local FD uses DTMF vs the normal two-tone. No scanner I have been able to find will alert on DTMF, and I'm too lazy to write some code to do it.

    How is the battery life like compared to the 6D?

    Matthew KJ6PNN

  3. FYI, the $80 Puxing PX-UV973 has DTMF paging which seems to work well. My local FD uses 4 digit DTMF and the Puxing is 3, but I just pick 3 of the consecutive digits and it works fine.